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When you are arrested in Georgia, you lose some of your civil and political rights, such as the right to vote, run for office, or carry a firearm. Every voice matters and not every criminal conviction warrants the loss of civil rights. I want to do everything in my power as an Atlanta civil rights attorney to make sure your voice is heard.

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Restoration of Civil Rights

When your civil rights are taken away after a criminal conviction, you have the power to take them back through legal action. In order to have your civil rights restored in Georgia, you will need to have completed your sentence and wait two years as a “law abiding” citizen to apply for a termination of restrictions.

In Georgia, you can have the following rights restored with a Restoration of Civil and Political Rights order:

  • The right to run for and hold public office
  • The right to sit on a jury
  • The right to serve as a Notary Public

A Restoration of Civil and Political Rights order will not restore your right to vote or carry a firearm, but there are ways to have these rights returned as well:

  • To restore your right to carry a firearm – You will need to fill out an application and have an interview with the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles.
  • To restore your right to vote – Your voting rights should be restored after you have completed your sentence, parole, and probation. I provide complimentary assistance helping clients register to vote and can check to ensure your voting rights have been properly restored.

As your attorney, I will fight to restore any rights you wish to have returned after a criminal conviction. Having a knowledgeable attorney guide you through the process usually helps it move faster.

Record Restriction

Formerly called expungement, record restriction is a process that hides arrest records and convictions from your criminal history report. Once your records have been restricted, only law enforcement will have access to them for criminal justice purposes. Generally, Georgia allows you to restrict your records in three different scenarios:

  • You were not convicted – you were arrested, but not convicted. Even if you are not convicted, the arrest will show up on your record in a background check unless you have it restricted.
  • You were a youthful offender – People who were arrested before they were 21 and have completed their sentence (including probation) can often have their records restrictions. There are certain offenses, however, that can never be restricted no matter how old you were when arrested.
  • You were charged with a felony and convicted of an unrelated misdemeanor – If you were arrested for a felony but convicted of a misdemeanor, your record will still show a felony charge in a background check. You can and should have this changed as soon as possible.

Restricting your records is recommended whenever possible. Though it may not impact your day-to-day life, marks on your criminal record will come back to hurt you when applying for jobs, trying to rent property, or starting a new business.

I perform civil rights restoration throughout Atlanta. Contact me today at (678) 648-4345 to learn more.

  • Former Prosecutor Fighting for Justice

    My experience on the other side of the defense line provides me with unique insight on how prosecutors think. I have used this knowledge to help clients make informed decisions through their legal matters.

  • Taking a Stand for What's Right

    I am committed to helping individuals facing criminal charges of civil rights violations in the best way possible. Because I believe in your freedom, I am prepared to fight for you with everything it takes.

  • My Clients Are Like Family.

    It is my goal to establish trust and confidence with all of my clients. I meet with each one individually to learn more about their circumstances and post-case goals. I also make jail visits to clients who have been incarcerated.

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