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I know that this system does not treat everyone fairly. I believe in Equality. I believe in Justice for all. I believe in fighting for your rights. It would be my honor to fearlessly represent you.
— Sarah Payne


We work with all budgets. We do not believe that finances should stand between you and exceptional criminal defense representation. We will work with you

Charged with a felony or misdemeanor in the State of Georgia?

You are in the right place.

We handle all felony and misdemeanor cases in Georgia. Every second matters when charged with a crime. Call us today.


 Fearless. Aggressive.

When you hire Attorney Sarah Flack you are getting an attorney who is known for her passion, fight and advocacy skills. She has received awards  such as  the Walker P. Johnson Memorial Award for excellence in litigation and argued at the Georgia Supreme Court less than six months after passing the bar where she succeeded in getting her client's kidnapping conviction reversed. 



Our commitment to you does not end when your case does.

We offer complimentary assistance to our current and former clients with record restrictions (expungements) and restoring your civil rights if you are eligible under Georgia Law 


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