“I fight the system every single day to ensure no other person falls through the cracks of our criminal justice system.  Your case matters. You matter.  You deserve a lawyer dedicated to your story, your future and most importantly, your case. ”

— Attorney Sarah B. Flack

A lawyer who genuinely cares

Attorney Sarah Flack is simply different. She strives to foster and maintain close contact with each and every client. She believes in creative solutions, community and, most importantly, in seeking Justice for all. Clients have direct contact to Attorney Sarah and remain in constant contact as their case progresses. Attorney Sarah believes in fighting for her clients just as she would her own family. Your story matters. Your life matters. You matter.

Creative Case Solutions

Attorney Sarah Flack is not afraid to think outside the box. Every case is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to resolving a case.  She has developed a three-tiered case plan approach which incorporates every possible outcome in your case to ensure the best result for your specific case. In a criminal justice system that is flooded with harsh sentences and extensive probation, Attorney Sarah has found much success in tailoring a holistic plan for her clients which has ultimately lead to favorable case resolutions, even in some the most serious cases.

Incarceration should not mean mistreatment

We do not believe in retribution or harsh punitive sentencing. Every single human being deserves to be treated with humanity, dignity and respect even if they are incarcerated.  We want to help our incarcerated population understand their rights and know that they do not have to endure harsh, punitive or even illegal treatment at the hands of the penal system. Attorney Sarah Flack does not stand for it and will stop at nothing to get her clients what they deserve.