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Many people are victims of unjust court rulings, and the results of an unfair verdict can be catastrophic for families. If you feel that you or a loved one has been sorely mistreated, don't worry- you can still keep fighting.

You have the right to file an appeal to challenge a court verdict. Appeals can be filed at either a state or federal court level, depending on your case. If an appeals court decides that a lower court made an error while trying your case, they can undo the results of your case.

I handle the following types of appeals:

  • Criminal Appeals
  • Post-Judgment Appeals
  • Habeas Corpus Petitions

Filing an appeal in Georgia is a complex process, and it is important that you have an appellate attorney who is intimately familiar with the details of your case and understands the Atlanta court system. I immerse myself in my clients' cases and become truly invested in the outcome. At Sarah Flack Law LLC, you're not just getting an attorney, you're working with someone who cares about you like family.

For more information,  call my office for a legal consultation (678) 648-4345.

Do I Have an Appeals Case?

Whether you believe your original lawyer was incompetent or that one of your constitutional rights were violated, I am here to right the wrongs you have experienced. If none of the evidence presented at your trial can be dismissed as unlawful, I can investigate whether or not there was sufficient evidence presented to warrant an arrest in the first place.

You may have an appeals case if you answer “yes” to any of the following questions:

  • Did a judge not follow proper legal procedures?
  • Was the jury not given proper instructions?
  • Were rules of discovery violated?
  • Was evidence improperly excluded or included?
  • Was testimony allowed that should have been excluded?
  • Was the application of a rule of law misapplied?

Together We Can Fight Unjust Convictions!

Filing a successful appeal is difficult, but not impossible by any means. Wrongful convictions happen on a daily basis in America and need to be overturned for the good of all society. With a skilled attorney demonstrating how your case was mishandled, you can prove that the justice system does not always work as it should. I have served as an appellate attorney in Atlanta for years and can give your case the thorough review it deserves.

I passionately fight for the justice my clients deserve. For more information, don’t hesitate to call my office today at (678) 648-4345.

Past Courtroom Victories

  • NOT GUILTY VERDICT Armed Robbery and Aggravated Assault
  • REVERSAL OF CHARGE Kidnapping Charge
  • NOT GUILTY VERDICT Armed Robbery

“I know that this system does not treat everyone fairly. I believe in Equality. I believe in Justice for all. I believe in fighting for your rights. It would be my honor to fearlessly represent you.”

- Sarah Flack
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